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Sold $1,325,000 - Single Family
1773 sq ft 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 1948 Year Built

This dreamy traditional sits tucked away at the top of a mountain in its own quiet corner of the world offering sweeping views throughout and ultimate privacy. The unbelievably cozy home features hardwood flooring, wood paneled walls, a stone fireplace, and a generous master suite. The original details have been blended effortlessly with updated modern comforts, creating a truly inspirational sanctuary. In addition to the three spacious bedrooms and two full bathrooms, there is a detached studio, which can be an office, art studio or whatever your best serves your dreams. The serene, completely private and meticulously landscaped backyard affords entertaining or quiet dinners far from the stresses of LA all while remaining within close proximity to the very best Echo Park has to offer. To the rear of the home sits the Elysian Park Expansion, creating an old world, countryside atmosphere but within the vast meadows, there is a trail leading to Echo Park Avenue which creates walkability.

Agent Remarks : Please email joannasuhl@gmail.com to register your client. Offers will be forwarded upon receipt, seller intends to respond to offers after Monday 2/04 but reserves the right to accept an early offer. Please download or request offer guidelines before submitting. Broker or broker’s agents do not represent or guarantee the accuracy of the square footage, bed/bath count, lot size or lot lines/dimensions, permitted or unpermitted spaces, school boundary lines or eligibility, or other information. Buyers advised to independently verify all information. Fireplace is decorative only.

Additional Details

  • Parking Type: Driveway
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