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When buying or selling homes CKlein Properties provides fully licensed Realty services with expertly negotiated property that tend to favor our clients. If remodeling is an option for you, CKlein Properties also specializes in green, cost efficient property renovation with meticulously attention to detail that contains functionally beautiful redesigned living space.

CKlein Properties can help you find the home you love, or we can design it from the one you have. View the properties we found for clients, as well as those we created. Once you choose a path, call CKlein Properties to ensure the house you get is the one you want.

“Renovation not only restores the house, but restores the story of the home and the neighborhood.”

CKlein Properties | Profile

Christine Klein A licensed Los Angeles real estate agent, founded CKlein Properties LLC to expand her services from realty sales only to also include green, cost effective property design and renovation. Christine’s meticulous attention to detail creates functionally beautiful redesigned spaces with an efficiency that keeps budgets in check. Her penchant for trails and love of design create spatial perfection, which with cost-saving modifications allow design to flourish exponentially increasing property value.