CKlein Properties | Designer

Christine Klein, a licensed Los Angeles real estate agent, founded CKlein Properties LLC to expand her services from realty sales only to also include green, cost-effective property redesign and renovation. Christine’s meticulous attention to detail creates functionally beautiful redesigned spaces with an efficiency that keeps budgets in check. Her penchant for detail and love of design create spatial perfection, which with cost-saving modifications allow design to flourish exponentially increasing property value.

Christine has over 19 years experience in expertly negotiated realty sales, and home redesign and renovation. CKlein Properties allows her to exert her creative influence in redesigned energy-efficient spaces with inspired beauty and harmony. Christine’s business expertise and education (B.A., California State University, Management and Marketing) endow her with superior skill in complicated financial negotiations and project management. She relies on the same architects and contractors for projects, which fosters maximum team compatibility to finish at bid cost. Her corporate mandate, “one project at a time,” keeps jobs on schedule and on budget, and is what sets CKlein Properties apart.


Prior to Christine becoming a realtor and renovator, she directed design production for 15 years, which with visionary talent, formed the basis of her highly developed design sense. Christine’s creativity, business acumen, professional skills and warm friendly smile attract clients that ultimately grow to love and trust her.