Charles Meyerson

Charles Meyerson | Principal

Charles Meyerson has been practicing real estate in Southern California since 1999.

His passion for homes started as a child on his families Sunday drives “to look at the mansions”. Even at that young age he realized that houses were not just buildings, but places where families built their lives. Also, his appreciation for architecture and design was seeded at the same time.

Having been trained in high end retail sales in Beverly Hills, he decided to transfer his excellent sales skills into the world of real estate. He believes passionately in being a caring, compassionate and strong advocate to his clients’ success.

In 2004, Charles teamed up with Christine to start re-designing and renovating properties. They have successfully renovated properties ranging from small bathrooms to complete renovations for high level Hollywood executives. The dynamic teaming of these two professionals have made them highly sought after in both the real estate and home renovation worlds.